4 deaths linked to PMMA pills sold as Ecstasy.

Four deaths have been likely linked to these Superman ‘Ecstasy’ pills in Suffolk. However, it’s worth highlighting that this risk can apply to ALL pills – not just this particular batch. The same caution should apply to every single pill on our streets. Excess amounts of chemicals such as PMA/PMMA are used more frequently with much less MDMA in the make-up of Ecstasy pills; which is slower acting, can provide far greater symptoms – often resulting in cardiac arrest and a very horrific death which greatly affects all involved – even emergency medical staff. Death can be caused through raised body temperature (causing seizures), heart rate and blood pressure (Serotonin Toxicity) as well as a drop in blood sugar levels and dehydration. They can be fatal in just a single dose depending on the make-up of the pill, and the user’s own physiology, although particularly when re-dosed due to a delayed ‘high’, when taken in combination with other drugs (incl. alcohol) or with any variety of pre-existing medical conditions.

They are a little cheaper and far easier to produce – profit over ‘quality’ takes priority to life for these people producing them. You can’t tell what’s in a pill just by looking at it, and it could just as easily be you than anybody else – no matter how accustomed you are. It hasn’t been tested reliably or produced by any reputable source no matter how well you know the supplier. Please don’t take the risk… think of those around you, not just yourself. You can speak to local drugs agencies (eg. Crew: mind altering) and the National Drugs Helpline (24/7) on 0800 776600 as well as any of our Nightclub Medics for support, advice and info.