Land ahoy! - We cover a Channel swim relay from Dover to France.
Land Ahoy! Covering the Channel Swim.

Our team supports Diabetes UK in providing comprehensive medical cover to the Diabetes UK Channel Swim Relay this week – from Dover to France.

We provided 3 Emergency Medical Technicians and 1 Paramedic who worked incredibly hard providing cover for up to 24 hours on board 4 Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation boats; covering a total of 23 swimmers. A huge well done to all teams involved in the swim and for their efforts in fundraising for Diabetes UK – a life-changing charity raising tremendous awareness in the extremely common and misunderstood condition affecting our nation. Also a huge thanks to our medical team involved for their efforts and hard work.

The seas were incredibly rough on departure – although all pulled through with three of our four boats making the challenge and invading the beaches of France.

It’s about time we changed our name… from the West Coast to the South East!

We provide cover to events across Scotland and the UK – specialising in high-risk events such as this. It’s vital that appropriate cover is sourced for high-risk events where Emergency Medical services may not be on hand as quickly as the 8-minute Ambulance Service response time in urban environments. The best level of care should be on hand for your event and its participants, with staff trained and knowledgeable in the specific injuries/illnesses which may present in that type of environment/event.

Visit our Event Medical page for an example of the type of events we specialise in covering.

image © copyright 2014 Dean Zielinski