What is PMA? - Take a look at guidance from NHSGGC.

The safest thing to do is to choose not to consume illegal substances and ‘legal highs’. However should you choose to, be careful and Know the Difference, and Know your Ecstasy. Please take time to read the leaflet below – it could save your life. Our team at West Coast EMS have come across an incredibly vast number of drug toxicity through PMA/PMMA, which has unfortunately resulted in numerous fatalities. It is becoming impossible to predict which pills contain these chemicals, as it is cheaper to produce and easier to source legally, putting many lives at risk.

Know what you’re taking and start small. Start with half a pill and give it an hour or two. Avoid mixing with Alcohol and other substances! These do NOT mix well with PMA/PMMA (or most drugs) and provide unpleasant effects. The majority of ‘PMA Cases’ we have seen are those who have not felt the effects in their usual time, taking more as the effects are not felt quick enough. Temperature rises unnoticed as you become dehydrated. This can and often becomes fatal as pulse, blood pressure, respirations and temperature increase drastically with serious risk of cardiac arrest, seizure, internal bleeding and brain haemorrhage.

See the advice below from NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde on safe drug use and know the facts. Be safe!

-The team at West Coast EMS.

-NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde – ‘When is Ecstasy not Ecstasy?’