Event Medical Cover.

Do you require First Aid or Medical cover for your event? One-off events/regular events/weekly cover at your venue – we have it covered. Contact Us now for a quick and competitive quote.

We tailor cover to your event; with the person you deal with during the booking being the person you work with during the planning phase of the event, and generally being a part of the team on the day – which most companies cannot offer. We are a small team and offer a personal level of cover with absolute reliability. We are able to offer specialist cover to events, e.g. staff trained in administering pain relieving gases; ideal for high-risk sporting events, and nightclub medics who are trained to provide life-saving care, enhanced patient assessment and welfare services to events with anticipated alcohol and/or drug use.

What sets us apart.

What sets us apart from the rest? Our staff are the highest trained in the industry, incredibly passionate in what they do. We believe it is negligence and extremely dangerous to clients and patients for providers to provide cover to high-risk events / environments without the right level of competence, experience and equipment. An example of this is by providing basic first aid cover to clubs and dance events, who have no training & awareness in alcohol and recreational drug use, and without the ability to fully assess and monitor patients (incl. assessment of blood glucose levels). It’s a very high risk to license holders, and their responsibility in ensuring they use a reputable provider who are experienced and trained in dealing with what you would expect in a busy clubbing environment. Ever more common life-threatening conditions such as Serotonin Toxicity can often be prevented from deteriorating by Nightclub Medics through knowledgeable welfare and rapid, effective non-judgemental assessment and treatment. We have found those presenting under alcohol and/or drug induced problems are generally judged and treated with stigma, resulting in extremely poor treatment and missed conditions.

This is what sets our team apart and where our reputation stands amongst clients and within the night-time economy; who are genuinely caring and non-judgemental. It generally cannot be identified and assessed by basic First Aiders without the training or equipment to perform full patient assessments and vitals monitoring, and knowledge of these conditions and New Psychoactive Substances – until it’s too late. EVERY event is different. Some require a completely different level of service and skill. Many require specialist experience working with that specific type of event / injuries you would expect from such event. This is what sets us apart. 

Where we’ve worked.

We’ve worked at major events/productions nationwide, and with clients such as; The Arches, BBC Music at the Quay, MTV Awards Afterparty, Glasgow 2014, Tour De France, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, Robot Wars, The National Lottery: In It to Win It, Tiree Music Festival, Oban Live, In The Woods Festival, Castle Concerts, Illuminight, Glasgow Film Festival, 3 Pistes Cycle Sportive, Loch loMAN Triathlons, Frankie Boyle, Inverclyde Leisure, Ardgowan Hospice, Film Fest in the City, The Edinburgh Mela, Queensferry Crossing Opening Ceremony, Botanic Lights, Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland, Swim Run UK, Scottish Gymnastics, Historic Environment Scotland, National Theatre of Scotland, ITV Studios, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Unique Events Ltd, Channel 4 and BBC.

Our team have also been subcontracted by both British Red Cross and St John Ambulance. We most recently assisted British Red Cross who were under pressure with their excellent flood relief efforts, by providing Nightclub Medics and First Aiders to assist in the provision to Edinburgh’s Hogmanay – where our team were already onsite for several weeks providing build + derig cover. We also supported St John Ambulance by providing a Medical Manager and a large team of 10 First Aiders and Responders to manage cover to one of Yorkshire’s busy spectator hubs at the Tour De France 2014.

We can fully equip treatment areas to a very high clinical standard within your venue, or supply our own medical post to outdoor events which require one, with segregated bedded treatment areas and a minor injuries room.

Our Cycle Response Unit can be deployed to provide emergency care across all-terrains, long distances and in dense crowds more quickly and effectively. They can reach areas otherwise inaccessible by Ambulance or car, kitted with an array of life-saving equipment.

Specialist & High Risk Cover.


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We can provide a team of incredibly experienced First Aiders, Responders, EMTs and ‘Nightclub Medics’ to Music festivals and events nationwide. Our Nightclub Medics are perfectly suited to events with anticipated alcohol and/or drug consumption, and can heavily reduce 999 ambulance calls and hospital referrals due to their assessment and on-site treatment capabilities.

Our team have worked at some of the UK’s most prestigious music festivals and most renowned nightclubs; working with some of the world’s top DJs and Europe’s biggest club nights. The Arches, Tiree Music Festival, Oban Live, Skerryvore Decade, BBC Music at the Quay, Saint Judes, Colours, Shapes, to name a few. We fully equip events & venues to a very high clinical standard.

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Ice Rinks.

We have First Responders and Emergency Medical Technicians ideal for providing an enhanced level of medical care to Ice Rinks.

They are fully trained and very experienced in the practice of spinal immobilisation, splinting and the extrication of patients from ice. Our staff come fully equipped with an array of emergency life-saving equipment, oxygen, pain relief (entonox), cardiac & vitals monitoring, spinal immobilisation and moving & handling kit.

Our EMTs are an ideal addition to basic First Aiders and First Responders on-site, providing a clinician led service with an enhanced level of care and reassurance in the event of potential claims.


We have specialist First Aiders, Responders and EMTs for Sports related events, experienced in providing cover to a huge variety of events across Scotland. They are particularly experienced in the management of sports injuries. We personally tailor cover to specific types of events (eg. our enhanced First Responders trained in administering pain relieving gases who are recommended for most sporting events, particularly cycle races, running, athletics, gymnastics and martial arts.).

This includes soft tissue injuries, skeletal injuries, spinal immobilisation, pain relief and wound care management.

We can provide one-time, ad-hoc and contracted long term cover to sports organisations and venues. We’ve covered many sports events across the UK; from the Tour De France 2014, to a charity channel swim from Dover to Calais and endurance events across Loch Lomond and Scotland.

TV & Film.

Our highly trained First Responders and EMTs are ideal for set medical cover. This allows production and venue staff to focus solely on their role, with the reassurance of having a fully equipped professional at hand for any First Aid incidents & medical emergencies.

They can provide a service to one-off productions, as well as long-term and remote cover nationwide and abroad. They are fully trained, experienced and equipped for all eventualities, with our EMTs – experienced frontline 999 clinicians – equipped to work in Remote & High-Risk environments. We have worked with a variety of high-profile productions with ITV, Channel 4 and BBC, including the production of Robot Wars.

We bring the best levels of care to the TV & Film industry. Your safety is our priority and deserves the best standards of care.

Remote & Maritime.

We can also provide specialist staff with relevant experience to cover events in Remote & Maritime conditions. Whether this be sporting, TV & Film, or a team medic to CP operatives. We have EMTs who are experienced both as frontline 999 clinicians within the NHS, and with decades of experience in event medicine. Many have additional skills such as; water rescue, sea survival and operating a safety boat. They are ideal for crewing club rescue boats in regattas and providing cover to water based events and remote land based operations. We most recently provided cover to over 60 athletes swimming and running over 30km across Loch Lomond’s islands, with staff based on rescue ribs and a land-based response. We also covered 6 teams of swimmers taking part in a Channel Swim Relay – from Dover to Calais.

We can also provide first class cover to remote environments, whether this is of short-duration or long-term cover (eg. remote film sets, as part of a close protection team, expedition medic etc).