Event Medical Cover.

We provide competitive and quality First Aid and Medical cover to events nationwide with our team of highly trained and experienced First Aiders, Responders, EMTs and Nightclub Medics. We can cover events of all sizes. We pride ourselves in equipping our staff to the highest standards, regardless of the size of event. Our team come equipped with defibrillators at ALL events, regardless of how small it may be, without exception – which many Scottish providers and charities sadly still do not offer.

  • The team: honest, reputable & passionate staff who have worked at all types of events nationwide.
  • Experience: highly trained & experienced staff to bring the best level of cover & standard of care to your event. Many work full-time within the NHS, incl. frontline 999 clinicians & A&E staff.
  • Reliability: we only take on events which we know we can cover. We do not cancel on our smaller events for new, larger bookings. Have trust in our proven reliability, and don’t be let down at short notice.
  • Equipment: First class medical/diagnostic equipment which we continually invest in.
  • Treatment Areas: we can equip treatment areas to first class standards with a segregated private minor injuries area & resus beds, or provide our own to outdoor events (where available).
  • We cover: all events, incl. music festivals, concerts, nightclubs, TV & film production, sporting and theatre. We also cover specialist & high risk events, such as; club & music events, ice rinks, endurance sports, remote & maritime, VIP etc.
  • Standards: all events are covered to the highest of standards & best level of care possible within our scope of practice, no matter the size.

Nightclub Medics.

We specialise in highly skilled, experienced and trusted Nightclub Medics who specialise in providing enhanced first aid & welfare to club environments. This is a priceless addition to the night-time economy with the recent increased dangers and rise in deaths through recreational drug use. Club Medics have proven to greatly reduce ambulance calls, as well as allowing rapid assessment, recognition & treatment of medical emergencies which would otherwise go unnoticed by basic First Aiders & Security; providing a greater level of often life-saving care to patrons.

  • Experience: our Nightclub Medics are competent in delivering an excellent standard of medical care to nightclubs, dance and music events, and in any environment with exposure to alcohol and drug use.
  • Drug Awareness: trained and experienced in recreational drug use awareness, and aware of local/national trends.
  • Training: trained to an enhanced level of patient assessment and resuscitation, with clinicians in the team. We can perform full patient assessment, incl. cardiac and blood glucose monitoring – vital for drug and alcohol intoxication (hypoglycemia is often missed & exacerbated).
  • Attitude: provide confidential & non-judgemental first aid, alcohol, drugs & sexual health drop in advice. We’re very positive and welcoming.
  • Passionate: uniquely passionate in promoting & creating a safer nightlife. It’s our mission. It’s our passion. It’s what we do.
  • Competent: in providing safe and effective triage in the event of mass casualties. We plan and we risk assess for all eventualities.
  • Know the industry: A small team who understand the industry and the difficulties/challenges it faces.
  • Clinicians: complimented by & overseen by frontline 999 clinicians who also have experience working in clubs, music and dance events.

Cycle Response Unit.

Our Cycle Response Unit allows us to deliver our quality & trusted emergency care more quickly and effectively through dense crowds, over long distances and in all terrain. It carries the life-saving equipment needed to provide rapid immediate life support, as well as a comprehensive First Aid kit for the treatment of minor injuries. Our CRU has been seen across the country, and at major events incl. Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.

  • Our CRU is all terrain and can access areas off-road and confined, otherwise inaccessible via ambulance or car.
  • They carry an extensive kit designed to stabilise the patient until further help arrives, and for the treatment of minor injuries on-scene.
  • They carry life-saving equipment such as; defibrillator, oxygen, airway management adjuncts, diagnostic kit, pain relieving gases (Entonox) and First Aid consumables.
  • Ideal for a wide variety of events including; major concerts (exterior), festivals and festival camp-sites, sporting events (10Ks, marathons, cycle races), parades and any event involving large crowds.
  • Our CRU is designed to work both as a solo responder and as part of a team of two. ALL of our cycle responders undergo 2-day competence based cycle training by our own nationally registered trainer through Cycling Scotland. Many providers do not set training requirements and standards for CRU staff, allowing anybody to hop on and provide cycle-based cover, which causes safety and competence issues which can directly effect patient care, not to mention the insurance & legal difficulties in the event of an incident.

Medical Management.

Our management team at West Coast EMS have a reputable experience and portfolio in event medical planning & management at festivals and events around the UK. Our operations manager is also experienced in medical management through Scotland’s leading independent events and festivals creation company. We can provide a full package at all stages of your event, from booking, risk assessment & planning, to implementation, provision & on-site co-ordination.

  • Planning

    This stage is the most important. What’s mapped here sets the level & quality of provision, and the overall safety of the entire event. We create in-depth event medical plans & risk assessment.
  • Provision

    Taking the information outlined in the planning stage to reality, utilising risk assessments and in-depth event medical plans to produce a safe and effective level of medical provision.
  • Management

    Full Medical Management to oversee and co-ordinate the complete medical provision to your event, liaising directly with site managers, health & safety managers, and other agencies.

About our staff.

Our staff can work independently or as part of a team – depending on the event’s requirements, level of clinical skill required, risk assessments, capacity etc. We will fully risk assess an event to determine the resources and staffing required to meet the needs of both yourself and your patrons, as well as our own safety and well-being.

All staff who work for, and self-employed staff who are subcontracted to work on behalf of West Coast EMS are;  insured by ourselves and governed to their certificated skill level, PVG Scheme members, in-date with all certification and undertake any mandatory training. They all have a vast experience working in the events industry nationwide and hold an incredible passion in what they do, with many of our staff working within the NHS in a variety of specialties, incl. frontline 999 clinicians.

Competitive Quotes.

The cost of our services are very competitive for the high level of service, reliability and experience we provide. It is tailored to your event/venue. Our costs are dependant on the following factors:

  • Type of staff required.
  • Type of event.
  • Location of event.
  • Duration of cover.
  • Resources required.
  • Risks involved (risk assessment).

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We maintain our excellent standards by ensuring the service we provide is reliable, trusted and of excellent quality.

Please note; we are not an ambulance/private ambulance service nor do we replace statutory emergency services. We do not transport patients to hospital. We provide a high standard of event first aid and event medical services, with on-site staff as required by law, good practice and on risk assessment. Should we deem A&E ambulances are required as a part of the event medical provision following risk assessment, this will be stipulated with suggestions on competent providers (eg. Scottish Ambulance Service). Our staff do however have the ability to decide which service a patient requires and the safe and appropriate route of referral, whether that be to treat on-site, or a referral to; A&E via other transport, Minor Injuries Units, NHS 24, own GP, or other agencies. We also have the ability to provide emergency medical care and ILS resuscitation in the event of a medical emergency until further medical help arrives (999 Ambulance).